HIV check up at Ullevål

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic in Norway, the clinic for infectious diseases at Oslo University Hospital Ullevål says that how they will offer services to their patients may change rapidly all throughout the rest of the year. They encourage everyone to visit their webpages regularly for up to date information.

scheduleOppdatert: 11.08.2020

createForfatter: Caroline Pisani og Bente Bendiksen


When the Corona virus first started to spread in Norway, the outreach clinic quickly changed how they conducted regular appointments for most people living with HIV. The yearly check-ups were offered as automatic digital consultations. Since the department for infectious diseases at Ullevål bears the responsibility for most Covid-19 patients in Norway, this measure was taken to prevent additional spread of the virus as well as easing the workload for employees.

After a while, both the spread and treatment of the disease became more under control, and the outreach clinic again opened up for appointments in person. On the webpages of the clinic for infectious diseases, you will find the measures taken to prevent Covid-19 infection that applies to everyone visiting the clinic (in Norwegian). Please take note that these may be updated to include the use of a facemask.


You will receive information about the time and date of blood tests and consultations through the digital service Digipost. Digipost will remind you to open your message twice, before an automatic letter is sent to you by regular post.

If the outpatient clinic has to postpone or change your appointment on short notice, they will call you, but will no longer send you a text message if you do not answer the phone – they only send electronic letters. These letters therefore have to be opened when you receive them.

The clinic sends a text message reminder 4 days before your blood test and 4 days before your consultation.


Your journal will be updated after your consultation. You can always view your journal at Log in, choose patient journal/pasientjounral, choose your health region, Helse South East/Sør-Øst for Oslo University Hospital or you can log in to and choose journal documents/”journaldokumenter”.

How to log on to and


When your doctor has renewed your prescription, you will find it by logging onto Choose patient journal/“pasientjournal” and choose your health region, Helse South East/Sør-Øst for Oslo University Hospital. Your prescription can be viewed under “Legemidler”. Contact us in HivNorge if you have questions or need someone to talk to about HIV. Vi are available by phone 21 31 45 80 or e-mail, or via Facebook/Messenger.  

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